An Era of Innovation and Growth for Digital Health Canada

Just like regular check-ups help us keep tabs on our health, periodically taking stock of where we stand and where we are going, both as an association and as an industry, contributes to healthy growth and good planning. This quarter – marking the end of my two-year term as President of the Digital Health Canada Board of Directors and the start of a new fiscal year – is a perfect time to look behind us and plan for what lies ahead.

Looking back
It is an exciting time in the industry and for Digital Health Canada as an organization; there are so many positives to celebrate. Over the last few years, Digital Health Canada hired a new CEO, implemented a staff-based model for the association secretariat, and successfully rebranded and changed the name of the association from COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association to Digital Health Canada. We also enjoyed a period of stellar membership growth, with membership at the end of the last quarter exceeding 2,500 –more members than we have ever had in the history of the association, and a testament to our vibrancy and relevance. We continue to experience success as co-hosts of the e-Health Conference and Tradeshow – Canada’s only national digital health event – and are focusing on creating a sense of community and heightened interest by expanding what we offer in the event space with an increasing number of regional conferences, meet-ups, and breakfast events. These are all positives, and really good things that the national office team works hard to implement.

Looking forward
Our mission to connect, inspire and educate our members – the digital health professionals creating the future of health in Canada – helps focus the planning and decision-making that supports everything we do as an association. Here’s what I see when I look to the future of Digital Health Canada: We will build bridges between traditional and new members through local engagements, communities of action and events that bring together professionals from public and private organizations and diverse sectors. We will forge even more connections by establishing regional chapters and partnerships with existing local organizations. Our members will continue to push the boundaries of what digital health means by engaging in debate and discussion at symposiums, and by presenting new and challenging ideas on Webinar Wednesdays and at events.

We will continue to educate the professionals working to make a difference in advancing healthcare through information technology
by fostering the development of unique educational content and inviting participation from industry experts through our newly launched faculty program. We will invest in partnerships that bring value to membership and expand existing opportunities to learn and educate. We will continue to inspire by publishing the work of our members in industry guidelines, whitepapers and reports, and to advocate for the digital health industry by helping public and private organizations find their place in the market. We will continue our commitment to membership growth through engagement and to financial stability through careful stewardship.

Much like our members, this more than 40-year-old, proudly Canadian association will thrive by embracing innovation, forming connections and staying relevant. Over the past two years, we reinvented ourselves once again to better serve the needs of our members. I encourage us to continue to keep pace with the new through constant innovation and reinvention!

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