Anti-Medicare lawsuit continues

September 12, 2016 – Defendants begin their opening arguments Monday, September 12th; Intervenors to begin later this week.

Lawyers representing the defendants and intervenor groups in Cambie Corporation’s lawsuit against Canadian health care will present their opening arguments this week at the Supreme Court of BC beginning Monday, September 12.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare and the BC Health Coalition (BCHC) will be onsite throughout the week.

About the Case

The plaintiffs — led by Dr. Brian Day, co-owner of the private, for-profit Cambie Corporation — are seeking changes to Canada’s health care system that:

  • Would mean doctors could charge patients unlimited amounts for all procedures and services – from routine check-ups to hip surgeries
  • Would create an American-style system with parallel private care and insurance (putting private insurance companies in the position to deny patients health care coverage for basic services like visits to the emergency room or cancer treatment)

If the lawsuit is successful, research shows the new system would mean many Canadians would not be able to afford health care and wait lists for treatment would grow.

Our role: Intervenors for public health care

BCHC and Canadian Doctors for Medicare are intervenors in the case. We will bring key evidence before the courts in defence of Canadians’ access to health care based on need, not ability to pay.

Two patients, along with two doctors, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and the BC Health Coalition, have intervener status in this court case. We represent the vast majority of people in Canada who believe our ability to get health care should be based on need, not ability to pay. As interveners, we’ve won the right to bring key evidence before the court in this case.

Further details about the case and participants are available online for quick access at

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