Article Guidelines

The length of the article is not a critical factor for us; typically articles should run from 750 words to 2500 words.

Charts & Illustrations

Charts and illustrations are encouraged where they contribute to the article’s contents. Colour is preferred. Electronic submission is encouraged.


Four (4) colour photographs (originals) are preferred; electronic files (minimum of 300 DPI) are accepted. Please indicate if you require us to return the photographs.(s)


Submitted manuscripts must be accompanied by:

  • The author’s name, title, organizational affiliation, address, telephone and e-mail address.
  • Personal website URL where applicable, may also be included. A brief biography of the author, including credentials where desired.
  • A head and shoulder picture preferably in full colour.


The above material should be submitted electronically; attachments in WORD or RTF are preferred. Please submit your document in letter format, do not prepare in columnar format; avoid headers, footers and pagination.


The magazine reserves the right to edit your submission as to content, grammar, format, and length.


Once published, the magazine will hold copyright to your article, and may authorize its distribution in other media without prior consent.


Where your article has been accepted for publication, your biographical information along with your picture will be included in the author’s section of the magazine’s web site.