As the industry grows, so does Digital Health Canada

My first term as Digital Health Canada Board President is off  to a great start.

Strong attendance at the CHIEF Fall Symposium on October 19 and 20 and Driving the Future of Digital Health on October 22 meant I had a wealth of opportunities to speak directly with many Ontario-based members about the topics that matter to Canadian digital health professionals. I look forward to meeting with many more members across Canada over the next two years.

I ran for the position of Board President because I believe in this association’s mission to connect, inspire, and educate digital health professionals, and that working together to enable and transform people’s health and healthcare experience is powerful.

Today, the traditional lines dividing digital health and healthcare are blurring. Hospital information technology is no longer confined
to a small team toiling away in the basement, in a separate silo from clinicians and administration. Teams are intertwined, and healthcare executives understand that successful technical transformations happen when different departments work together toward a shared goal of improving patient care.

The same holds true for the industry as a whole. As recently as the 1990s, digital health, health information systems, and health informatics were strictly topics for technical professionals. The digital health ecosystem has expanded beyond technology companies to include organizations from the retail health, insurance, consulting, and design worlds. As digital health evolves, both traditional and emerging industry sectors have become engaged with digital health practices and products—a change reflected in the growth and diversity of Digital Health Canada membership.

As the industry grows, so does Digital Health Canada. The name change (from COACH to Digital Health Canada) and the new logo and branding has enabled the association to open our arms to include people and organizations from sectors beyond tech. Public and private sector organizations, academic institutions, innovators and entrepreneurs — no one is excluded from contributing to the discussion of how digital health can enable healthcare transformation in Canada.

How do we spark a conversation? Digital Health Canada works to keep the discussion alive with events across Canada, webinars, education, published papers, case studies, working groups, and more. What are your ideas? Reach out to me with your thoughts at

I want to thank our Past President, Leon Salvail, for his guidance over the past two years. Leon’s experience and advice have been indispensable through a period of transformation for Digital Health Canada and its members. And thank you to the members for placing your trust in me to steer the association in the right direction for the future.

I look forward to working together to enable better health for Canadians through technology.