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Associate Editor, HIM&CC, President of ITAC Health and Chief Creative Officer for Privacy Horizon Inc.

Calculating the ROI for Privacy and Security

One of the biggest challenges for people in health care who are responsible for privacy and security is building the business case for investment. Why would Boards of Directors and executives spend limited resources on privacy and security when there are so many competing priorities facing the organization? It’s often considered crass to express privacy … Continue reading Calculating the ROI for Privacy and Security

Mobile Apps, Devices and Privacy

Mobile apps and devices are playing a big part in the innovation revolution sweeping healthcare around the globe. Mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and implantables, are supplanting workstations and laptops as the primary interfaces between users and their technology. Apps tailored to the specific needs of health care providers and consumers are revolutionizing clinical … Continue reading Mobile Apps, Devices and Privacy

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