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Associate Editor, HIM&CC, President of ITAC Health and Chief Creative Officer for Privacy Horizon Inc.

Drinking from the Firehose: Health Privacy in Canada

Recently, I’ve been studying the privacy regimes in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and South-East Asia. While most countries in the developed world have principle-based privacy protections in place, few come close to Canada with respect to the comprehensiveness and oversight of privacy legislation to protect personal health information (PHI). Consider that Canada, with … Continue reading Drinking from the Firehose: Health Privacy in Canada

The Start-up’s Quick Guide to Privacy

“Innovation” is the rallying cry of our time. Its more than a buzzword. It’s a strategy. It’s a ground up movement with few rules. Consumers, corporations and public sector organizations are racing to tap into the gold rush of technological innovation. While innovation happens in organizations of all sizes, the energy we are feeling in … Continue reading The Start-up’s Quick Guide to Privacy

Doctor Loblaws!

During the recent HIMSS conference in Chicago, I had dinner with several ITAC members, including the young COO of a Canadian start-up company developing mobile applications for health care. During the course of the conversation someone asked him who his “dream” employer would be. I was expecting a response like Telus, Google or Microsoft; those companies … Continue reading Doctor Loblaws!

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