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Chair, ITAC Health Board of Directors

The Evolution of the Electronic Health Record

Almost 15 years ago, Canada was introduced to the electronic health record (EHR), which was initially hailed as the end-all solution to bestow efficiency and improved patient care in our healthcare system. With many Canadians now having access to EHR data — and with healthcare costs the highest they’ve ever been —providers are starting to … Continue reading The Evolution of the Electronic Health Record

2017: A Year of Challenges and Opportunities

As the new year kicks off, questions will inevitably arise asking: what will be this year’s priorities and challenges for healthcare delivery in Canada? In addition to a number of emerging priorities, there are some existing challenges that have carried over from last year. These ongoing priorities are typically focused on improving the patient experience, … Continue reading 2017: A Year of Challenges and Opportunities

Information Technology in Healthcare

Information Technology in healthcare may not produce miracles, but will manage and automate information flows and reveal inefficiencies and potential savings in business processes. Hence IT is a step towards better performance in healthcare. Potential savings can be achieved with IT by employing a ‘best of breed’ IT strategy based around integration and portal technology. … Continue reading Information Technology in Healthcare

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