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Michael Martineau, “Last Words” Commentator, Ottawa, Ontario

Healthcare Leaders Should Embrace APIs

Despite their technical sounding name, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a strategic weapon that can drive innovation, foster interoperability, and unlock the value of existing information systems. Just as leaders in industries as diverse as retail and finance have embraced APIs as a strategic imperative, so too should Healthcare leaders. Over the summer I had … Continue reading Healthcare Leaders Should Embrace APIs

Hope or Hype?

Information technology has changed the way we shop, watch TV, listen to music, bank, and travel. Can it have the same impact on healthcare? Despite several highly publicized failed attempts by information technology companies to transform the health sector, several industry leaders recently announced new initiatives targeting the health sector. Are these announcements cause for … Continue reading Hope or Hype?

Hackathons: More Than a Spectator Event

In just a few short years the Hacking Health hackathon has become a fixture at the annual Canadian eHealth conference. While many eHealth attendees find the pitches and solution presentations highly entertaining (particularly with the high-energy Hacking Health co-founder Luc Sirois as the master of ceremonies), these hackathons are more than a spectator event … … Continue reading Hackathons: More Than a Spectator Event

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