Coming soon: “Canada and Shared Information Governance (expanding on Governance Standards) – Steps Enabling Canada’s Digital Health Eco-System”

It is no secret for those of us who have been engaged in designing, implementing, assessing, and reorganizing, that healthcare governance — especially governance focused on sharing health information (and data) — is not easy to accomplish. This is especially the case when the scope of information sharing governance expands beyond the walls of a single organization, reaching a regional or LHIN level, or to provincial or territory, and to pan-Canadian domain.

This publication will be of interest to seasoned governance advocates as well as new, curious readers. The document touches on some recent activities that are positive indicators for the roadmap to successful information sharing across broader pan-Canadian context. Also included in the publication: two case studies that demonstrate the willingness of stakeholders at the regional and provincial level to address and develop models for successful governance in sharing information broadly; an e-poster that highlights an ongoing research investigation on information sharing in health sector; and a bibliography of publicly available documents for those with keen appetite to continue reading on this subject area.

Authors: Susan Anderson, Orion Health and Selina Davis, Independent Contractor for Selina Davis, with contributions from Gina Johar, South-East LHIN Ontario; Nancy Gabor, Reliq Health Technologies; Sonya Stasiuk, Ministry of Health , Alberta; Karim Keshavjee, Infoclin Analytics, U of Ryerson; Lin Dong, U of Ryerson; Carol Obrien, Consultant; Diane Edlund, Consultant.

The authors wish to extend their appreciation to Digital Health Canada for continuing to endorse and support the Governance Community of Action (CoA). Visit to learn more about Communities of Action and to pre-order your copy
of “Canada and Shared Information Governance (expanding on Governance Standards) – Steps Enabling Canada’s Digital Health Eco-System”.

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