Digital Health Canada Faculty: Learn from the experts

Digital Health Canada Core Health Informatics (HI) Education has been delivered to individuals from more than 90 organizations across Canada. More than 500 healthcare, IT and management professionals have participated, representing more than 6,500 educational hours. Hundreds of Core HI students have sat for the CPHIMS-CA exam and successfully achieved their credential.

Developed and delivered by volunteer experts

Digital Health Canada education and certification programs are the first cross-disciplinary programs to be developed with volunteer health informatics experts and leaders operating in a variety of professional settings: healthcare organizations, provincial/national government agencies, vendors, consultants, and academia. These volunteer experts populate the Digital Health Canada Faculty and are the backbone of the Core HI Education program. Digital Health Canada Faculty fill key roles in Education Content Development, Exam Content Development, and/or Education Instruction.

Digital Health Canada Faculty Members 2018-2019

Lisa Moore, Island Health
Karim Keshavjee, InfoClin Analytics
Dave Randhawa, eHealth Ontario
Rodney Burns, Alliance for Healthier Communities
Neil Gardner
Christine Couturier, Alberta Health Services
Anne Forsyth, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Gajanan Sahasrabudhe, Vancouver Island Health Authority
Susan Sepa, Infoway
Patricia Rothney, Gevity
Julie Richards, CGI
Patrick Lo, Privacy Horizon
Margaret Kennedy, Gevity
Dr. Chris Hobson, Orion
Dennis Cheung, CIHI
Alma Chandrasekharan, Cancer Care Ontario
Heather Begley, UHN
Helene Clement, LifeLabs

Education Development and Education Instruction

Digital Health Canada actively recruits industry leaders from across Canada to contribute both expert content and experienced instruction of Core HI principals. Volunteers interested in Education Development focus on creating content for the Canadian Supplemental (CA) Exam, the CA Exam Guide, or for Digital Health Canada’s Core HI courses—HI professional education and certification is vital to the evolution of a dynamic healthcare system, and Digital Health Canada Faculty continuously update course and exam content to reflect changes in the digital health industry.

Those interested in Education Instruction teach—either in-person or online—the material they know best (topics are listed on our Application Form) a minimum of two times within a six-month period.

Professional development benefits

Benefits of volunteering as a Digital Health Canada Faculty include:

  • Personal and professional development opportunities as a speaker and industry thought leader committed to knowledge transfer and domain expertise
  • Facilitating best practices and improving staff knowledge by fostering collaboration
  • Fostering a learning environment that promotes mentorship internally and enhances relationships between staff members
  • Providing tools that nurture unique viewpoints and promote innovation
  • Deploying a common learning and development approach that will contribute to accelerated program launches (internal and external) based on organizational knowledge
  • Receive continuing education hours for the maintenance of your CPHIMS-CA credential


You can apply to become a Digital Health Canada Faculty member if you are a CPHIMS-CA credential holder of at least three years; you are interested in providing health informatics and digital health education nationally; you are interested in Education Development and/or Education Instruction.

Apply by downloading the Faculty Application Form at and emailing the completed application to:


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