Editorial Calendar

Due to the volatile nature of the industry, Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada (HIM&CC) does not adhere stringently to a static annual editorial schedule as we attempt to keep pace with new developments and issues and act as a vehicle for delivering topical and timely in-depth information to our subscribers and readers.

The magazine deals with the broad spectrum of information and communications technology as it applies to healthcare and the ethical, legal and social challenges and issues that emerge as a consequence. HIM&CC focuses on the entirety of the healthcare community; its editorial staff all have direct and extensive experience in varied aspects of healthcare information management at the practitioner level. This, we believe, adds significant credibility to the magazine’s content.

Editorial Calendar – 2020

Issue #1 (Deadline for materials February 21)
Issue #2 (Deadline for materials May 1)
Issue #3 (Deadline for materials September 28)

On a regular basis the magazine publishes the following columns:
• E-Health
• Education
• Standards and Interoperability
• Legal Issues
• Security and Privacy
• Digital Health Canada  – Update
• TECHNATION Health (formerly ITAC Health) – Update