Get inspired: connecting start-ups and traditional healthcare providers leads to digital health innovation

COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association is committed to connecting, inspiring, and educating the digital health professionals creating the future of health in Canada. New connections spark conversations, fresh approaches to old challenges, and innovative solutions. For more than four decades, COACH has built a platform to advance digital health in Canada by creating spaces where the traditional and the new come together.

The COACH Board recently took the opportunity to hold a meeting at the Communitech Hub in Waterloo – 80,000+ square feet dedicated to world-leading collaboration and innovation – where we toured the centre, talked with digital health innovators, and saw first-hand the different phases companies go through on the path from start-up to scale-up. We discussed the ecosystem with innovation leads at Deloitte, and met with start-ups operating in the digital health space such as Medella Health, Vitameter, and Oculys Health Informatics. The goal was to further understand the unique challenges that digital health start-ups face, and to identify which COACH services and programs may be most helpful to start-ups as they launch into the highly regulated and (often) risk-averse healthcare industry.

With this in mind, we are looking forward to the lineup of innovators joining the Start-up Zone at e-Health Conference 2017. Look out for these companies at e-Health 2017 from June 4-7 in Toronto:

  • Aurora is a research initiative that debuts a novel design tool for health care workers.
  • Get Ready Online (GRO) created an innovative app – ATLAS-Leading The Way® – to integrate Emergency Management, Business Continuity, and Infectious Disease Outbreak.
  • Homecare Intelligence (HCI) provides logistics based-scheduling and routing.
  • help patients find healthcare services when & where they need it, while also showing wait-times for same-day visits.
  • MedChart is a secure, cloud-based Patient Portal that lets Canadians access their official medical records online.
  • opusHS along with opusTrack and opusSchedule provide schedule and route optimization to home care providers.
  • PopRx offers on-demand pharmacy that allows you to manage, order and discuss your medication programs with a pharmacist in real-time.
  • Process Fusion Inc (PFI) offers solutions to help end the paper chase in Requisition and improve Workflow Management.
  • SafetyLabs’ Ivory, is the world’s only ‘always connected’ system that covers all aspects of aging well
  • The Seenso Institute for Public Health is a non-profit organization that promotes public literacy education and support of self-management of chronic diseases at home
  • Self Care Catalysts is a cloud based patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company.
  • Vistacan believes Open Source and Open Standards Health Software can allow patients and providers to share information directly. consultations.

It’s exciting to see so much innovation happening in digital health. COACH is working with start-ups and entrepreneurs to further develop services and programs that bring value to all players in the health ecosystem – traditional players, start-ups, and new entrants alike. We are continually looking for new ways to bring people together to form valued connections, incubate new ideas, and spark innovation in healthcare delivery.

Let us know if you are interested in collaborating to develop and/or provide feedback on our evolving lineup of programs and services – or, if you are a start-up, new entrant, or traditional player interested in joining Canada’s largest professional digital health network. Email us at info@coachorg. com, or visit for more information.