Gevity’s Margie Kennedy Named COACH IMIA Nursing Informatics Rep

COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association is  pleased to announce the appointment of Margaret Ann (Margie) Kennedy, RN, PhD, CPHIMS-CA, as the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) Nursing Informatics (NI) Special Interest Group (SIG) Representative for Canada, on behalf of COACH.

Margie is Associate Managing Partner, Atlantic Branch, and Senior Consultant, Business Analysis & Clinical SME, with Gevity Consulting Inc.

The appointment, made in join consultation and selection with  the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association (CNIA), was effective immediately and will continue until March 2018. IMIA is the world body for health and biomedical informatics.

“This appointment reflects our confidence in Margie’s ability to represent COACH and Canada and our appreciation of her past and present contributions to COACH and CNIA,” said COACH CEO Don Newsham. “We believe that there is both much to learn from the IMIA NI SIG and bring back to Canada, as well as much that COACH and Canada can contribute to the international health and nursing informatics communities. We know Margie will be very effective in bringing the Canadian NI agenda and initiatives forward to the international table and contributing to advancing NI worldwide.”

Margie’s many accomplishments have included leading the revitalization of CNIA and advancement of NI in Canada through strategic partnerships, conferences and events and expanded international relationships as the CNIA President during 2009 – 2015 period. She has made extensive contributions to post-secondary nursing informatics education and been an active COACH member, serving on the CPHIMS-CA Exam Committee and Task Force and e-Health Conference Abstract Review Committee and as a CPHIMS-CA Review Course Instructor.

Don also paid tribute to Lynn Nagle, the outgoing IMIA NI Rep. “We all greatly appreciate Lynn’s contributions and commitment on behalf of COACH and our NI community in Canada.”

COACH is a Charter IMIA member and has been the Canadian representative with the organization since its inception in 1980.

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