Leadership in Action – CHIEF Executive Forum members are building the future of health

While our membership year officially begins on April 1, many members consider the fall season as the “launch” of a new year with Digital Health Canada. Fall is a season of change and renewed emphasis on learning, education, and building new connections. Each Fall, Digital Health Canada brings together leaders from across Canada at the CHIEF Executive Forum Fall Symposium to discuss national challenges and opportunities in digital health.

Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum (CHIEF) is an interactive, trusted environment for senior professionals and leaders in digital health and healthcare. CHIEF Members collaborate, exchange best practices, address professional development needs, and offer their expertise in setting the agenda for the effective use of information management to improve health and healthcare in Canada.

CHIEF offers unique opportunities for digital health leaders to meet, discuss, and share their findings. CHIEF Members benefit from networking to build trusted relationships within the digital health community in Canada; leading the digital health conversation with the publication of white papers and reports: and collaborating to solve complex healthcare problems together and to advocate for the industry.

As a long-standing member of CHIEF Advisory Committee, Diane Salois-Swallow, CIO, Mackenzie Health states, “One sign of a robust industry is the ability to examine and re-assess our own standards and best practices. Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum (CHIEF) offers the ideal environment for the in-depth discussions industry leaders need to have around digital health and healthcare technology implementation. CHIEF is a great environment for leadership and learning.”

CHIEF Members meet twice annually at Spring and Fall Symposiums. At the most recent Spring Symposium, CHIEF members worked through a series of discussions to identify key strategic issues that are relevant to leaders across Canada. Live polling of members in attendance during the facilitated working sessions led to some interesting insights.

When asked, “What are the top three areas on which your organization is currently focusing its digital health resources?”, CHIEF members identified that population health/integrated care, patient engagement/virtual care, and point of care solutions (eg. EHR, EMR, HIS) were the top three areas of focus. These were followed closely by primary care, decision support/learning health system, and patient flow.

Follow-up discussion focused on identifying key strategic issues. CHIEF members address the question: “What are the three most pressing strategic issues related to digital health that need focus over the next 2-3 years?”. The top three issues selected were balance of risk/infrastructure and innovation, followed by funding/reimbursement, and then consumer engagement/expectations. These were followed by readiness for change, and cybersecurity. HIS renewal landed at the bottom of this survey with CHIEF members in attendance.

As we move through the Fall season and look towards the new year, CHIEF Executive Forum will be driving forward to identify and prioritize health system challenges in Canada. CHIEF will develop, publish and present through leadership and reports (watch for new CHIEF publication “Canadian Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare” at www.digitalhealthcanada.com). CHIEF members will continue to assist provincial and federal leaders responsible for digital health with insights, information, and feedback in a collegial and trusted environment. Join with us to lead, learn, influence – and build the future of digital health in Canada.