MEDITECH Provides Decision Support and Guidance for Coronavirus (Updated)

Workflow documents have been updated to ensure that care teams continue to have the proper coronavirus screening procedures in place.

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In response to updated recommendations from the CDC and WHO, MEDITECH has updated its Guidance Documents  on how organizations can build, implement, and deploy new functionality that can help deal with the demands of the COVID-19 crisis. This information has been added to MEDITECH’s previously released guidance, including EHR screening protocols that have already been adopted by several healthcare organizations.

The Guidance Documents  outline how the MEDITECH EHR and integrated technologies help organizations to:

  • Communicate with patients and consumers.

  • Provide virtual care.

  • Identify at-risk patients in acute, ambulatory, and home care settings.

  • Track patients entering facilities.

  • Alert care providers of at-risk patients.

  • Manage the drive-thru processes.

  • Survey the community.

  • Analyze COVID-19 related data.

  • Implement remote monitoring of patients who need vital check-ins.

  • Use new COVID-19 terminology documentation templates, lab tests, and EMR IDs.

A robust section on Virtual Care highlights how your organization can use the component to prevent an influx of patients from crowding waiting rooms to help reduce the spread of the virus. MEDITECH’s Ambulatory Virtual Visit solution can support the screening, early detection, and management of patients potentially infected with COVID-19. Virtual Visits enable staff to screen and treat patients safely, and to direct them to appropriate locations for testing. Guidance is provided below to help organizations more quickly roll out the use of virtual services.

“Expanse is remarkable in the way that our staff was quickly able to make changes to our typical intake and triage process, and create an integrated screening process that is in line with the latest CDC recommendations in this rapidly evolving epidemic,” said ED Medical Director Louis Dandurand, MD, of Northwestern Medical Center (St. Albans, VT).

MEDITECH strongly advises healthcare providers to review and follow either CDC or WHO guidance to create processes and protocols for proper COVID-19 management. Please continue to monitor the CDC and/or WHO websites for updated guidelines, geographic impact, and verbiage.

COVID-19 Guidance Documents:

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