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What you told us
These are the top three reasons why you attend the annual e-Health Conference. How do we know that? You told us. Through the conference survey results you also told us that:

  • 78% of you visited six or more vendors in the exhibit hall,
  • 28% were first time e-Health Conference participants,
  • 20% of you are senior/ executive managers and
  • 66% of you are planning to attend e-Health 2016.

You told us that the number of events in the social program was ‘just right’, the plenary and concurrent education sessions were generally above average, you liked the Hackathon, and the mobile app still needs work.

What we are going to do about it?
Your e-Health Conference co-host organizations, CIHI, Canada Health Infoway and COACH, are using these data to plan for e-Health 2016. Our goal? To make e-Health 2016 the Best. Conference. Ever.

We recognize that the digital health ecosystem is exploding and the pace of change is unprecedented. We want the e-Health Conference to be a catalyst that drives collaboration across this ecosystem and helps transform our business to meet the needs of our digital customers. We want to engage all of our communities across the spectrum (e-Health, mHealth, telehealth, virtual care, hacking health, health 2.0, health IT etc) and provide a national/international forum for outstanding participant engagement and interaction.

How are we going to do that?
As we prepare for e-Health 2016, we have set a number of conference objectives for ourselves. They are:

  • To deliver an outstanding onsite conference experience
  • To ensure that every aspect of the overall experience is designed in a thoughtful way with needs of specific ‘customer’ segments in mind
  • To balance conference content such that it reflects traditional and emerging interests
  • To increase the impact of the conference (industry awareness, attendee and partner engagement, exposure via media)
  • To extend the conference experience with meaningful engagement throughout the year

What we need from you
With respect to achieving the last objective listed above, we are pleased to announce an e-Health Associate Editor role for Healthcare Information Management and Communications Canada (HIM&CC)! The journal editors were gracious enough to give us space in each issue to talk all things e-Health so that we can indeed “extend the conference experience with meaningful engagement throughout the year”.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, we need your help in two ways. First, we will be looking to you to provide us with information about what you’d like to see on these pages. What stories interest you the most? What are the biggest challenges facing our industry right now? What innovative ideas are you implementing? Any best practices you’d like to share? All suggestions, comments and ideas are welcome.

Second, we are looking for e-Health Ambassadors. Throughout the years, many of you have heard me talk about the blessing and the curse that is the e-Health community. The blessing is that we are a very multi-disciplinary group with a variety of different backgrounds and perspectives (i.e. we have much to learn from one another). The curse is that we are a very multi-disciplinary group with a variety of different backgrounds and perspectives (i.e. one size doesn’t fit all).

In order to ensure that the evergrowing number of stakeholders that represent the digital health ecosystem have a place and a voice at e-Health 2016, we want to identify two to three ambassadors from each segment of our community. For example, if you are an emerging professional, a clinician, a vendor, a CIO etc., and are willing to reach out to your network of peers to engage them in the digital health discussion before, during and after the conference, then we’d like to hear from you! We will provide you with communication tools and content if you need it. In return, you do the outreach and engagement, to our mutual benefit. Contact us at to find out more.

What can you do today?
If you haven’t already done so, visit the conference website ( This is your one-stop shop. Watch for the site to be updated as new information becomes available. And remember, the abstract submission deadline is November 12th so if you were intending to submit an abstract, you better get to it. For those of you in the Twittersphere, @eHealthConf and #eHealth2016 are the handle and hashtag that you need to make note of.

Contribute your thoughts/ideas for e-Health 2016 and/or consider becoming an e-Health Ambassador.

If you are at HealthAchieve in Toronto this month, take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with some of your peers and get the conversation started.

About e-Health 2016
Join us June 5-8 for the 2016 e-Health Conference happening in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia as we re-imagine healthcare delivery in Canada!

Digital innovation around the world is influencing “big thinking”, technology, people and processes that support and enable our health care systems in Canada. This year’s conference will offer all the great education and networking opportunities that you’ve come to expect and appreciate from the e-Health conference. Thoughtprovoking keynote speakers, an excellent concurrent program delivered through presentations, panel discussions, e-posters and rants and, of course, endless networking opportunities including the Canadian Health Informatics Awards Gala. The Showcase is back, as is the Hackathon. The Trade Show, a conference highlight, provides a platform for the latest innovations from the vendor community and has sold out early in all previous years.

Along the ‘reimagining’ theme, look for some new or ‘reimagined’ conference events for 2016! As the only national conference that brings together the entire digital health ecosystem, e-Health 2016 is a driver of collaboration and innovation! Don’t miss it!

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