Recharging our Human Resources

Industry organizations everywhere face the challenge of advancing the competencies of their personnel. In high intensity companies, like those typical of healthcare product and services organizations, the challenge is particularly acute. There is always the prospect of recruiting highly trained personnel, putting them in the front lines to address intense customer demand, and then running them down like non-rechargeable batteries when it comes to their education and training. We all face the fact that continuing education is expensive, absorbs time and requires a significant commitment from both our personnel and our organizations. This commitment must be coupled with accessible sources of new knowledge, skills and experiences – all of which can be difficult to locate.

McKesson strives to empower it’s employees with positive work experiences that enable the company to achieve its objectives while at the same time enabling personal growth for our employees.  To that end, as we grow our development staff, our deployment teams, our sales and marketing groups and our technical teams, we look to the many ways we can help these individuals flourish for the benefit of our products and customers.

Years ago, McKesson became aware of the National Institutes for Health Informatics (NIHI) and the programs it offers, especially the Applied Health Informatics Bootcamp. One of the advantages that NIHI has provided is a singularly-focused suite of educational offerings across many eHealth-related disciplines. We further found the flexibility of the programs to be in keeping with our desire to help our staff maintain a positive work-life balance. NIHI’s web-based training enables our staff to attend online courses at convenient hours while completely eliminating the cost of travel and accommodation.

NIHI now offers programs beyond the Bootcamp, including its Health for IT (H4IT), Health Care and IT Governance, eHealth Risk Workshops, Practical Health Informatics, Advanced Health Informatics and other programs. McKesson is making these programs available throughout its organization.

From our perspective, the competitive advantages acquired by organizations like ours far outweigh the cost of the programs. As a result, our staff are far more aware of the nuances and details involved in the various aspects of eHealth that they deal with every day. They also have a keener insight into the implications of decisions they make on the system as a whole and on the individual parts of the system and the people that they interact with. This means that McKesson people provide a higher level of expertise in their interactions with customers and in their own day-to-day activities as a result of the enhanced education they have received from NIHI.

McKesson’s message can be stated simply:

We want our people to be the best they can be in order for our company to compete at the highest level and achieve the objectives we set.

We believe and confirmed that NIHI offered affordable, flexible education across a diverse set of disciplines consistent with our interactions with the healthcare system.

After taking some of the programmes, our people perform at a higher level, have a greater level of knowledge and produce a much better product than they did before receiving the education from NIHI.

We believe that other organizations can benefit much as we have and recommend that industry leaders look into this opportunity. Further, we would welcome the opportunity to share our experience with NIHI with you.

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