Resource Revamp: Creating a New CPHIMS-CA Review and Reference Guide

Anyone who has successfully challenged the Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems – Canada (CPHIMS-CA) exam is likely very familiar with the reliable Digital Health Canada-published CPHIMS-CA Canadian Health Informatics Review and Reference Guide (“Review Guide”). Digital health professionals across Canada have relied on the Review Guide to prepare them for exam-writing success – the last step toward becoming a certified professional.

Originally produced in 2010, the Review Guide was developed as an important Canadian healthcare-specific resource for Digital Health Canada members, to be used in conjunction with the HIMSS-published CPHIMS Review Guide (2013) by candidates preparing for the Canadian supplemental portion of the CPHIMS-CA exams. While the Review Guide has gone through a number of updates and revisions since its initial 2010 release, content has consistently focused on six key topic areas:

  • The Canadian Health System
  • Clinical Health Services
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Organizational and Behavioural Management
  • Information Management
  • Information Technology

As a comprehensive guide to the health informatics body of knowledge and the Canadian digital health ecosystem, the Review Guide has served us well over the last eight years. Its content offers an excellent overview of the traditional and emerging challenges and opportunities that digital health professionals face today, but the rapid evolution of the digital health industry prompted a Review review. Starting in 2017, a dedicated team of Digital Health Canada volunteer experts assessed the Review Guide’s strengths and weaknesses and, based on input from users, suggested areas for added content.

The result: a major revision of the Review Guide was undertaken, and the 2018 version will include a number of useful enhancements. In addition to timely updates to the six key topic areas listed here, the new edition incorporates five important new knowledge domains:

  • Innovation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Health Information Technology and Applications
  • Health Analytics
  • Health Informatics Project Management

The updated guide is reflective of the rapidly-changing digital health ecosystem in Canada. Content updates are targeted to professionals working across a wide range of sectors with broad skills and deep domain expertise requirements and brings together information that is applicable on a national scale. Experts from across Canada — including Digital Health Canada Faculty members and dedicated teams from some of our leading member organizations — updated and/or produced content for each of the key topics listed here.
This valuable education and training tool can be used to:

  • provide foundational knowledge in digital health to new and existing professionals in digital health
  • provide insight to vendors or interest groups currently facing challenges entering digital health
  • supplement knowledge gaps that currently exist municipally and provincially due to varying terminology and knowledge of the field
  • act as a resource for students and emerging professionals who are new or entering the field of health informatics
  • assist with standardizing processes carried out by individuals, teams, institutions and governing bodies
  • assist with preparing for the CPHIMS-CA Canadian supplemental exam

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