Tectonic Advisory Services Partners With Greythorn to Provide Healthcare IT Talent to Canadian Hospitals and Health Care Systems

The shortage of senior healthcare IT talent in Canada, specifically in the EMR and HIS verticals, has long been evident to those in the healthcare industry. This shortage is one of the major risks confronting organizations when selecting a new system, which has resulted in many not moving forward with advanced clinical systems.

They have instead delayed EMR/HIS implementations and other IT initiatives, choosing to deploy their limited resources toward the maintenance of outdated legacy systems.

That is why Tectonic is proud to announce its new partnership with Greythorn, a specialty recruitment company that has provided staffing and consulting solutions for more than 36 years. Together, the two companies will deliver tailored project solutions and highly qualified healthcare IT consultants to hospitals and health systems throughout Canada.

This partnership creates a new pipeline of talent into the country. With few exceptions, CIOs and hiring managers can expect to receive three resumes of highly qualified, already vetted consultants within 48 hours of engaging Tectonic and Greythorn to hire for specific positions. Greythorn maintains a “virtual bench” of consultants, who have been qualified, interviewed, and screened before they are presented to employers and will be ready, logistically, to serve the needs of our Canadian markets.

“A partner who understands and is already established in the Canadian market allows us to provide a localized solution to Canadian clients, while delivering highly experienced resources in the most cost effective way,” explained Ben Weber, Managing Director of Greythorn North America.

Glenn Lanteigne, a highly respected health informatics veteran who has served in both the private and public sector, co-founded Tectonic and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. “This is an opportunity to support our hospitals and healthcare organizations with much-needed resources for advanced clinical systems like Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts,” Lanteigne said. He continued, “We are eager to provide this foundation for dealing with one of the key obstacles to moving forward with an advanced clinical system.”

Tectonic has designed a special Framework for Canada. This provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a single point of contact through which they can engage the best advisory and healthcare IT talent in North America.

For more information, contact Tectonic Advisory Services at info@tectoniconline.com